Outdoor warning sirens are used for mass notification in many cities and industrial applications.  These systems allow you to notify many people of pending severe weather, homeland security threats, or for general community alerts. 
In order to provide citizens with the most effective outdoor warning system possible, cities, municipalities, universities, industrial and nuclear power plants all utilize outdoor warning sirens from Comserv for all national weather service storm warnings, as well as a complete solution for emergency and mass notifications.

Outdoor Warning Sirens are primarily used to warn your community of severe weather conditions. The outdoor sirens are also used for other emergencies such as a hazardous chemical spill which requires residents to evacuate their homes.

Give your residents peace of mind, high winds and lightning produced during a storm cause power outages. Your residents may not have television or radio to hear warnings. An outdoor warning siren becomes your most effective and reliable avenue to warn your community. Comserv offers a broad range of electronic sirens and mechanical sirens along with industrial communications equipment that will reliably meet your emergency management responsibilities. We are dedicated to providing communities and industrial facilities throughout the world with the most effective, reliable communications and alerting systems manufactured.

Why use outdoor warning sirens?

Sirens are still the most effective method to warn the population at large in the shortest amount of time. People who may be outdoors at ball games, in their yard, or anywhere else where they are not in contact with the normal news media channels such as radio, TV or local public address systems.

How are they activated?

Radio control is the most popular method of activating sirens. To activate the siren system, the operator presses a button and a radio signal is transmitted. The signals are picked up by the receivers at the sirens. They decode the paging signals to determine what they are to do. A particular signal may instruct the sirens to give a weather warning call, while still another may cause the sirens to stop their sounding.

Comserv is providing state of the art technology with both electronic tone and voice and mechanical tone only sirens and speaker arrays. These units have redundant functions and testing capabilities that provide quiet tests, automatic polls and activation at your fingertips during an emergency.